Monday, September 14, 2009

I ♥ Faces week 36 assignment - "Contemplative"

So I'm tryin' somethin' new! Over at I ♥ Faces, they hold weekly photo contests & I decided to throw my hat into the ring. For this particular assignment, it focuses on "Contemplative". They (Angie & Amy) define it as thoughtful observation; full or deep consideration; dreamily or wistfully thoughtful: a pensive mood; expressing or revealing thoughtfulness; quiet modes of apparent or real thought; can be marked by some sadness, but doesn't have to be.
This image is of my daughter, Madison. (I actually took it last year, before the Nikon!) I love it. She seems deep in thought, very pensive. Most of her pictures tend to look a little serious. She just has that kind of look. She doesn't like to smile really big in pictures, but wants people to read her eyes. On this day, she was so tired of me snapping pics that she started to cry. "Please, let's stop Mommy!", she said. (You can tell she's a photographer's child!! Tired of pics!!)

I hope that I can continue with this week after week. It'll be so fun just to come up with ideas for new assignments! You should try it, too!! Send me a link to your submission after entering it at
I ♥ Faces. (My email is Wish me luck in this one!!


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