Friday, September 18, 2009

I ♥ Faces - My 1st Fix-it-Friday!

Since finding I ♥ Faces, I've kept pretty busy. I love doing this kind of stuff anyway!
They have what's called "Fix-it-Friday" where everyone edits the same pic. So, here's my try at that!!

Click on the images for a larger preview!

^I like warm images, so I enhanced this with Lightroom, adding extra fill light, & bumping up the black a tad.
I also brought the clarity down a little to soften the skin.

^I edited this version in Photoshop CS4. I just LOVE Rita's actions over at Coffeshop Free Stuff! You have to check it out!
Anyway, I used Rita's Coffeshop Vintage Action, adjusting my layers to suit my taste. Then, I brought her eyes back in a little - for POP!!

^This has to be my favorite, though. I like "different".
In CS4, I added a texture, then painted her back through & brightened her eyes just a little.

Check out my Flickr page HERE.


  1. Nice work! I really like your vintage one :).

  2. Adding the texture was brilliant -- it looks so artistic now! I'm going to go back and try that with mine!

  3. I love textures! I usually get mine off There are so many beautiful, FREE ones to choose from!!

  4. I also love the texture. That one was my personal fav!!

  5. Very cool texture. And I like your first one as well. :)

  6. Hey, that''s my daughter! I forgot I had submitted this and hadn't been to I Heart Faces today to see the fix-it photo. Cool, gonna go look now. Love your edits too!

  7. Ohhhh! I love the vintage looks! I've tried so hard to get both Coffee Shop and Ree's actions to work on my computer, but no luck. Seeing then in use makes me want them even more!


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