Thursday, October 29, 2009

~Ava~ {Angels gathering in Heaven}

I can't imagine losing a child. A while back, I stumbled across this blog, & it's touched my heart. I think of Ava sometimes, & never even knew her! How precious our children are. I'm so sorry for her family's loss, but Heaven has gained a beautiful Angel! Ava, even without knowing me or my family, has made an impression on me. I will appreciate Madison and Drake more. I will stop typing to tie his shoe. I will look away from the tv to see her playing with her kitty. I will say prayers with them every night, as usual. Only now, I will not rush because I'm sleepy. I will kiss them & hug them every day like it will be the last that I see them, because it might. Only by God's grace do I have them & keep them. He could choose to take either of them home. I trust God. He knows best. I pray that they remain longer than I. I will love them & not fear. I will live, as they live. I will.......

Please read:

I hope it touches you, as it's touched me. God bless you!
{God bless Ava in Heaven!}

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